Here is the typical “I’m so over winter” post!

While the winter was not covered in rain as last year, the winter season and all its associated feelings -depression, laziness, loneliness have worn out its welcome. I am quite excited as I see the daffodils I planted in November slowly pop up! The birds alive with their lovely tunes. My husband finally finishing up his freelance job (i.e. I get to have a husband again!). Springtime adventures are about to begin!

Our to do list:

  1. Hiking -everywhere in Oregon
  2. Crater Lake
  3. Beach
  4. Maui (we can’t help it, we’re in love)
  5. Bonfires & Grilling
  6. Morning walks before most people wake
  7. Zoo
  8. Rose Garden
  9. Japanese Garden
  10. And everything else we find to do this Spring




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