Spring is here, for today at least!

Today is was 70 degrees, sunny with a touch of wind. It was beautiful! Thankfully, my job allows me to be outside as much as I like, so 5 miles later… lol. Good thing I brought sunscreen! It was good for my soul to be outside so much after months of hibernating inside treating sinus infections and recovering from surgery. It was absolutely gorgeous!

It makes me miss the south, while I was born in Ohio, grew up in New York, I lived 10 years in the south. The sun was out more than it wasn’t, which makes one wonder why I ever chose to move to Portland. The south is where I learned the art of charming people by ending my sentences on an upward note. It is where I would religiously apply sunscreen daily, yet at the end of summer my toes were bronze and I loved it! There are many things I feel that I can no longer tolerate: people faking kindness towards one another. I much prefer showing kindness to other people because they are worth kindness and not due to saving face. Granted this only reflects some of the people I encounter in the south. Enough rambling…

The blossoms in Portland are epic!  As I blogged last spring, its almost impossible to walk more than two houses without seeing some kind of bloom! The house may be dilapidated  or plagued with mold on the edges, the grass overgrown, yet there the blossoms grow tall and graceful!

If you ever come to Portland, Springtime is quite charming!  Just remember to pack your rain boots!



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