Here is the typical “I’m so over winter” post!

While the winter was not covered in rain as last year, the winter season and all its associated feelings -depression, laziness, loneliness have worn out its welcome. I am quite excited as I see the daffodils I planted in November slowly pop up! The birds alive with their lovely tunes. My husband finally finishing up … More Here is the typical “I’m so over winter” post!

A Cat Show

Today we went to the CFA’s (Cat Fanciers Association) Cat Show at the Portland Expo Center. It was pretty amazing. We are not cat-crazed people, (see my previous post about owning pets), yet it was enjoyable to see so many varieties, to learn about their evolution, watch judges assess and assign ribbons, but what took … More A Cat Show

A Gray Hair

Mondays are never “fun,” add to that the finding of my first gray hair. I am partially in denial, as my hair is various natural shades of dirty blonde… and I had just used new dry shampoo this past Monday. Whether it was truly my first gray hair or just my ultra blonde hair covered … More A Gray Hair


This past week Portland is experiencing a heavy smog of soot and ash as the forest around Multnomah Falls burn… Its sad because it wasn’t supposed to happen, its sad because is has not been contained yet, its sad because it has now joined forces with another fire, its sad because there are many people … More Wildfires

Mount St. Helen

This past weekend we attempted a day trip to Mount St. Helen yet again… someone (not me) found directions to the wrong place, adding several hours to the trip, hence, we never actually made it to her. Our first attempt left us at the visitor center for a brief visit, where we began our education … More Mount St. Helen

Dog Sitting

This past weekend we watched our neighbors lil’ corgi. We took it for walks, played, refreshed his water and fed him. After a wonderful weekend with him, we both (animal loving people), decided that it is still NOT time to get a dog or a cat. Living in Portland and not having an animal of … More Dog Sitting