8 Months

After 8 months of living in the the “coffee shop” capitol of the US, we are at a coffee shop together for the first time. Quite a nice place, Cup & Bar. Not overrun with people, yet still that hipster local vibe. And they give you a little piece of chocolate with your lattes. Who … More 8 Months


This past week I saw my first unicycle on Burnside no less. I feel like I am even more of an official Portlander now! I have been told the unicycles still existed, yet had never actually seen one. It was quite an epic, the guy presented as early 2000s grunge punk. If only I hadn’t … More Unicycle

A New Job

Today I gave my notice at my job. It has been a great experience and I am very thankful for it. Did I think that I would have this job for a year or so longer? Yes, but alas, a week after vacation I find myself on the market for a job once again. Part … More A New Job


Since Maui it has been quite difficult to adjust back to Portland… the rain has not helped.  I knew what I was doing and consciously chose to do it. Yet, at times I wondered why it is so “taboo” to hide or isolate at times. In moderation, I think that hiding can help more than … More Hiding


The past two weeks here in Portland have been rather glorious with the mild weather and sunshine! Almost too awesome… that is until the headaches set in because your not used to ANY sunshine for days-weeks! One day at work, I was tempted to go out to my car to get my sunglasses to wear … More Maui

Morning Routines

My husband has recently begun walking with me in the morning. Which has been very helpful with the actual discipline involved in rolling out of bed in the dark, and too often the rain. We both grab our shoes and coats, put on headphones to listen to audio books and head out the door. One … More Morning Routines

Vintage 90s Grunge

This week has been filled with Portlanders sporting their 90s best. You know, those jeans your mom used to wear (the high waist and where the butt seam gives you a wedgie), the leather purse with various colors sewn haphazardly together and big clopping shoes. This was a trend in Nashville as well, but there … More Vintage 90s Grunge

Petty Theft

Today, our package, or rather my package was stolen off our porch… our neighbor saw the whole thing and attempted to stop the lady, but no luck. After our other neighbor’s car was stolen, it shouldn’t surprise us that packages can walk off. Lesson learned and now we are having all packages shipped to our … More Petty Theft